YPiC Summer Gathering, 2017

The YPiC Summer Gathering, 2017 was another sell out. As we near two years of operation it is heartening to see a consistent high level of attendance and hear such positive feedback.

The event was hosted on the 6th Floor, 1 George St, Glasgow. As is tradition with YPiC events, the evening included a mix of casual networking, an icebreaker to mix the room up and a great key speaker.

The icebreaker had the attendees circulating the room, pulling together a project team, with the chosen then describing their vision for the team to guess. As ever, many a smile was raised, before we moved into the more formal portion of the evening.

YPiC welcomed Adam Frickleton, of MLA to lead an informal discussion on the practice's award winning City of Glasgow College, Riverside Campus. Adam's delivery was ideally suited to the YPiC forum; insightful, focused, friendly and informal.