Summer 2019_YPIC_14

Summer 2019_YPIC_14

Glasgow Event - Back from a Break (It wasn’t Ibiza).

Join us for a drinks reception in Glasgow, before our infamous networking icebreaker gets underway, ahead of the evening’s key speaker.

This event, we heard from Ann Allen, Executive Director of Estates and Commercial Services at The University of Glasgow. Ann discussed how the University is acting as a Catalyst for Regeneration of the City.

Autumn 2018_YPiC_13

Autumn 2018_YPiC_13

We are Three

The Committee were delighted to welcome everyone to help celebrate three successful years of Young Professionals in Construction.

The speed at which each year passes continues to surprise as we reach each birthday event in September. These first three years have seen the YPiC member numbers rise beyond 850, which the committee are very thankful for. We used this event to take stock, circulating the room, taking on feedback. The committee are keen to keep the forum feeling fresh and to this end we have planning a mini, self-imposed hiatus, where we’ll give everyone a short break from the strangeness of our infamous Icebreakers!

See you all in 2019!

Summer 2018_YPiC_12

The City Deal - Major infrastructure and Unlocking long time undeveloped sites

A stunning summer evening in Glasgow saw YPiC convene a drinks reception and gathering to hear from Carol Connolly, Head of City Deal at Glasgow City Council. Carol gave us an insight into the City Deal programme and the work involved in the £400 million regeneration of Glasgow.

The key speaker talked around the regeneration of key nodes in the city at Govan, Clyde Waterfront and the Sighthill Transformational Regeneration Area. Carol talked passionately about stitching together the city, remedial works to hard to develop sites and facilitating below ground infrastructure. The City Deal is designed to be transformational to Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.

Spring 2018_YPiC_11

Higher or Lower

With the landscape of the construction industry changing, and with the recent collapse of Carillion,
YPiC engaged Craig Morrison, Director of FRP Advisory LLP. Craig addressed the room on how such well established companies can get into difficulty and why. The talk also touched on the options surrounding restructuring and how the process is managed.

As ever the Icebreaker mixed the room up, providing the attendees with a gentle, but jovial prod, towards some new contacts. The short, sharp, higher or lower game proved a hit, if a little too easy. Luckily, the tiebreaker question was obscure enough tease out a winner team.

Thanks to all, for the large turnout and the positivity surrounding YPiC. 


New Year 2018_YPiC_10

Flying Autonomous Technology

YPiC were delighted to present Steve Jeans, Director of Aura Survey and Paul Georgie of Geo Geo. On the night Steve and Paul talked the room through their market leading geo-mapping tech processes. In the presence of their survey drones, we were offered an insight into how their tech enhances the output available to land owners or prospective buyers. Steve described the merits in engaging accurate 3D survey information and the applications it can have.

This event certainly prompted plenty of discussion of the legality of drones, airspace, safely and regulation.


YPiC Autumn 2017_YPiC_09

YPiC Autumn 2017_YPiC_09

Holding the Jersey

A sell out room joined the team for a drinks reception on the MMS balcony, prior to our infamous networking icebreaker getting underway.

YPiC extend their warm thanks to Gary Jebb, Director of Estates for The University of Edinburgh for speaking on the night. Gary's insightful and inspiration talk ranged from the importance of Leadership ,including a reading list, to how his vision for the University Estate will manifest itself over the coming years. 



YPiC Summer Gathering, 2017

The YPiC Summer Gathering, 2017 was another sell out. As we near two years of operation it is heartening to see a consistent high level of attendance and hear such positive feedback.

The event was hosted on the 6th Floor, 1 George St, Glasgow. As is tradition with YPiC events, the evening included a mix of casual networking, an icebreaker to mix the room up and a great key speaker.

The icebreaker had the attendees circulating the room, pulling together a project team, with the chosen then describing their vision for the team to guess. As ever, many a smile was raised, before we moved into the more formal portion of the evening.

YPiC welcomed Adam Frickleton, of MLA to lead an informal discussion on the practice's award winning City of Glasgow College, Riverside Campus. Adam's delivery was ideally suited to the YPiC forum; insightful, focused, friendly and informal.




YPiC 2017 Spring Gathering

Our spring event was hosted at Quartermile One and the draw of our key speaker, Chris Hughes of BDP ensured another sell out event. Chris, Project Architect on the St James Centre Redevelopment Project, addressed the YPiC guests with an initial overview on the project, before going into the considerable detail on the delivery mechanisms, design team collaboration and technical challenges faced with the phasing.

The YPiC Committee were delighted to offer a behind the scenes tour of the V&A Museum site, in Dundee, for the winners of the evening's networking game. As ever the quick game mixed the room, prompted chat and facilitated the exchange of business cards.

18/01/17_YPiC New Year Gathering 2017

18/01/17_YPiC New Year Gathering 2017

The first YPiC event of 2017.

Returning from the festive break, YPiC sold out our venue in The Corinthian Club, Glasgow.

Kudos to our opening speaker, addressing the room with a Rabbie Burns inspired poem, which was delivered with gusto and encapsulated the programme for the evening. It was at this point the committee unveiled the reasoning behind the scrabble tile handed out upon arrival. Our Burns enthused icebreaker led each attendee to team up and complete a word associated with the famous Scottish bard. The results were surprising, with ‘team timorous’ first to tweet the official YPiC account.

Well done to all, it was a close run competition with the majority of the teams completing their words.

At the conclusion of the icebreaker Bruce Patrick of Savills Investment UK addressed the room on their University of Glasgow master planning project. Bruce described the types of property opportunities, site complexities and how the market is engaging with project. Of particular interest was the description of the stakeholder group make-up and the processes available to review and sign-off areas for development. Bruce’s talk was informative and drew questions from the room on the issues of project priorities and where the University looks to position itself in the global further education market.


28/09/16_First Birthday Party

28/09/16_First Birthday Party

Sponsorship partners and Cake

Young Professionals in Construction is 1 year old and to celebrate, we hosted our 1st Birthday Party. 

In its first year YPiC has grown to 650+ members, we threw a party to get as many of us as possible together, network and enjoy some tasty birthday cake. As is now expected, the evening began with an informal networking game -  a YPiC version of pass the parcel. The abridged format of the birthday classic went down well with all in attendance; the parcel circulated the small groups for 6 seconds, the music stopped giving the holder 10 seconds to speak on a random topic. We were delighted at the laughs had and the positive feedback we received.

As this was a birthday party, we took the decision to tweak the evening format slightly. In lieu of a key speaker, the night was given over to a live DJ to provide background beats and some exciting sponsor unveiling. Between the drinks, networking game, cake and a short committee speech, the night passed at pace.

A key component of the evening was our formal announcement of two YPiC headline sponsors; Savills and Thomson Gray. Each company recognises the importance of what YPiC does for below Director level engagement and the YPiC committee are delighted to have them onboard. The support offered by Savills and Thomson Gray for the next year allows YPiC to continue to grow and bring another four events to market, towards the end of 2016 and into 2017. Exciting times indeed.

22/06/16 YPiC_04

22/06/16 YPiC_04

Summer Talk

Returning to Glasgow, this time to the 29 Club, the YPiC team were delighted to have secured David Page, Head of Architecture at Page\Park, as our evening speaker. David gave a fascinating insight into how the business operates as an Employee Owned Business. He discussed how the change in company structure has positively impacted on their workflow and the access to new and exciting projects, the restructuring has offered.

David then went on to talk about the Glasgow School of Art Restoration project. Operating as design team lead, David described the approach to the restoration, cataloguing of salvaged items and the programme for the works. The talk was positioned either side of a networking opportunity, with the evening opening on a short card game.

05/04/16 YPiC_Site Visit

05/04/16 YPiC_Site Visit

The new Queensferry Crossing

Facilitated by YPiC and hosted by Arup, the networking game winners from the spring meeting were given a guided tour of the fabrication yard, new bridge north pier and the south carriageway approach. The group of 14 toured the three sites via shuttle bus and despite the Edinburgh rush hour traffic, managed a couple of hours on site and managed to squeeze in a hot cup and biscuits at the Bridges Education Centre.

Many thanks to Sarah Breen of Arup for arranging the pass and conducting the informative and insightful tour.

09/03/16 YPiC_03

09/03/16 YPiC_03

Spring Meet

The first YPiC Wednesday of 2016 saw the event return east, to Edinburgh.

After the successful introduction of an icebreaker networking game at the second event, the committee announced the evening’s activity to alleviate the intrigue as to why the 130 attendees were in possession of a single domino tile. In earnest, the dominos with pizza evening commenced with individuals circulating the room to complete a circle of 10 connecting domino tiles.

Our key speaker for the evening was David Stewart, Funds Manager for Standard Life Investments. David discussed their funding model and financial approach to the 3-8 St Andrew Square development. The Q+A session focussed on specific questions towards the listed façade retention, effect of Brexit and the demand for grade A office space in Edinburgh.

The event closed with the award of the networking prize; a guided tour of the new Queensferry Crossing sites, hosted by Arup.

09/12/15 YPiC_02

09/12/15 YPiC_02

Christmas Drinks Reception

Building on the huge success that was our inaugural event, YPiC hosted the second event in Glasgow, at The Corinthian Club. Responding the positive feedback received, the format remained largely unchanged, save for the introduction of an icebreaker.

Glasgow based icecream architecture took to the stage, as our key speaker, describing their own unique approach to project work and community collaboration. Sarah Frood began by revealing the origins of the company name, including the fate of the original ice cream van. She then went on to describe how they set themselves apart in the marketplace - delivering social led architectural and master planning solutions.

To complement the discussion, the YPiC team facilitated an icecream icebreaker; a short sharp networking game to start the evening and promote chat. The game saw suitably mixed up the room, with the attendees circulating to find constituent parts of ice cream cones, flakes and flavours.


30/09/15 YPiC_01

30/09/15 YPiC_01

The Inaugural Event

This first Young Professionals in Construction event was held in the sixth floor of Quartermile One, Edinburgh. Any nervousness held by the committee, prior to the launch, proved to be unfounded as just over 120 construction professionals attended, to network and engage with YPiC as an event.

The Committee were delighted to have Chris Stewart, CEO of The Chris Stewart Group as our inaugural key speaker. On the night Chris addressed the room on a series of topics, opening on the importance of the generation represented and how they can be activated through the forum YPiC offers. Chris went to discuss his developments at Advocates Close, St Andrews Sq and George Sq, in Glasgow. Additionally, Chris described his role with the Scottish Property Federation and the importance of challenging ourselves in our career. 

The Q+A session proved popular, with Chris being challenged on a range of topics, from investment risk to historic building restoration.