The first YPiC event of 2017.

Returning from the festive break, YPiC sold out our venue in The Corinthian Club, Glasgow.

Kudos to our opening speaker, addressing the room with a Rabbie Burns inspired poem, which was delivered with gusto and encapsulated the programme for the evening. It was at this point the committee unveiled the reasoning behind the scrabble tile handed out upon arrival. Our Burns enthused icebreaker led each attendee to team up and complete a word associated with the famous Scottish bard. The results were surprising, with ‘team timorous’ first to tweet the official YPiC account.

Well done to all, it was a close run competition with the majority of the teams completing their words.

At the conclusion of the icebreaker Bruce Patrick of Savills Investment UK addressed the room on their University of Glasgow master planning project. Bruce described the types of property opportunities, site complexities and how the market is engaging with project. Of particular interest was the description of the stakeholder group make-up and the processes available to review and sign-off areas for development. Bruce’s talk was informative and drew questions from the room on the issues of project priorities and where the University looks to position itself in the global further education market.